Ba-dee-ya! An exhortation to be happy.

Do you remember the 21st night of September? I bet you just sang those lyrics in your head as you read them.

Even before Maurice has those first few words out of his mouth, I’m moving my arms and doing a chair dance. September is one of those songs that I am absolutely convinced has always existed. It’s brilliant. Nothing shy of brilliant.  And it means absolutely nothing. Nothing.  It’s just an exhortation to be happy.

Allee Willis, said this of Maurice White: “I learned my greatest lesson ever in songwriting from him, which was never let the lyric get in the way of the groove.” ba-dee-ya.

No one cares that it means nothing. Just as no one ever cared that there was literally no meaning to September 21 either. I’m willing to bet that even after 30 years, you don’t even know all the words. The only reason they matter at all is that it gives us all a chance to hear Maurice sing.

It’s about the vibe.  It’s about how it makes you feel.  It’s musical ice cream: it makes you happy even if the flavor really isn’t your favorite. I love this song for that reason – it just makes me happy, I feel good listening to it. The way Ice Cream feels in your mouth, there’s nothing in this world better.

Compare this with something like Snuff” by Slayer: even if Slayer is your go to, the vibe will never make you feel “happy” (unless you’re a psychopath) and yeah, the lyrics matter for that reason:

“…Torture, misery
Endless suffering;
Pleasing to the eye
To this you can’t deny…”

The world holds so much Snuff, and far too little September.  Its far too easy to be angry – that ignorant social media post, something shocking in the news, that unfair decision at work. What’s a little bit harder is being happy – just making the decision to be happy. To ignore that social media outrage, to remember very little in the news is actually news, that work is only one part of your life.

So today, on this 21st day of September, even if there has never been a 21st of September in your life worth singing or dancing about, hit the play button right now and give yourself a gift of 3.5-minutes of happiness.   Make the choice to be happy.


TKOs, Strategic Retreats, Halls of Mirrors and Being Adamantine

It would seem the year that was getting punched in the face has won via technical knockout.  This is not to say goals haven’t been achieved – they have – but it is to say that 2017 has stepped up to take back the idea that while you can fight age, no you cannot fully outrun it.  A seemingly obvious truism, but it is a lesson I think we each learn in our own way.

An ironic lesson perhaps that I started on a fitness journey to be sure that I reclaimed everything I possibly could because I was all too aware that life is short, opportunities come by once and I was determined not to allow Father Time to advance on me without giving myself the best opportunity to enjoy my one trip here.

In June, the year that was getting punched in the face punched back and I was put out of commission for 6-weeks. Made worse by the fact that at the fact that at the beginning of June I was bold enough to say that I was dissatisfied with punching in the face and was going to tear the face off the year.  On the 10th, I had fallen down a mountain.  9 stitches in my forearm and tendon surgery on my foot.  Had I to do it again, I probably wouldn’t continue the remaining 20+ miles of the race, but I was headstrong enough that I was not going to quit.  Hard to know if this was a “win” or if it was failing to accept a strategic retreat.

But that was an accident.  A failure perhaps of training, a failure to pay sufficient attention to what was required of a highly technical trail race.  Perhaps a failure of focus.  It was not a failure due to age.  Anyone taking on that race, under the same circumstances would have suffered the same injuries.  In fact, I feel confident in saying not too many people would have had the fortitude to continue on to finish – for better or worse.  In my mind’s eye, the fact that someone less than 1000 days from age 50 was out there on that course was testament to the idea the Reaper was getting further away in my rear view rather than closer.

This is different.  This is the reality check.  There may be times when the Reaper seems further behind, but that is perception in the hall of mirrors that is life.  After that involuntary layoff, I doubled down on my efforts.  More miles on the odometer.  Faster miles on the odometer. More races on the calendar.  Longer races on the calendar.  I improved personal records on 5k races, 10m races, 50k.  Running more, running faster, running more frequently.

And then, that pain in my heel.  I “knew” at the end of my run what it was.  It wasn’t an ache.  It was acute and localized.  I was pretty sure I had done something to my Achilles.  I was hoping it was a strain.  I ran a few more times, each time my pace suffered, my pain increased.  One last struggle of a run and the accompanying pain the next day, I knew I had to go to the doctor.


And thus I find myself in an immobilizing walking boot.  My year of goals without fear is over.  I accomplished more than 1100 miles on a plan of 1000.  I ran something like 47 races even while missing more than a few while recovering in June and July.  I failed at some goals, but I succeeded at my most important ones.  It’s important now to focus on what I want to accomplish in 2018, and what this injury means for those goals.  Right now, there’s no surgery planned.  The doctor seems content to give me a few weeks in the boot anticipating that time should give me the time to heal and then work toward strength building.

I took too long to admit it, but I did. Like my experience in June, I tried to solider on and get it done.  Unlike my experience in June, I quit before it cost me more than it already had.  Perhaps a degree of learning or growing up on my part to realize that calling a strategic retreat isn’t an admission of defeat – it’s the appropriate reconsideration of the requirements given changing conditions on the battlefield.

Building an athletic level of fitness is not a means to fully prevent injury or illness.  It is, however, a means to mitigate those injuries or illness.  A runner may in fact be less likely to suffer a heart attack, but that runner is also more likely to have a heart that can mitigate the damaging effects of a heart attack.   Stronger hearts fare far better in both survival and recovery rates.  Because I’ve been running, because my body is strong an injury which may have completely ruptured my tendon 2 or 3-years ago, resulted in a partial rupture.  Why was my tendon prone to rupture? I’m less than 800 days away from age 50.  Time waits for no one, age will come to collect its toll.  The object is to resist.  As any personal trainer knows, resistance creates strength and strength allows further resistance.

The Reaper still remains, hiding somewhere in that hall of mirrors.  Ultimately, he will come to collect his due, but just like everything else in life, putting in the work to prepare for that which may come is the best way to get the best results from any encounter.

I’m determined at this point not to follow the path I followed in June.  I let my nutrition go and gained weight.  I focused on what I could not now do instead of what I could do and my conditioning suffered for it.  I’ve found vigorous activity keeps my emotions in check and keeps my head in all aspects of my Life’s game. I’m a better, more full and interesting person when I have been working out.  I’m determined not to see why I cannot run.  I am determined to see what I can do to maintain fitness while I’m recovering from this setback, what I can do to avoid a similar setback and what I can do to be sure I find the opportunity.  I’ve been duly reminded that I’m not 20 and bulletproof.  I’m screaming toward 50 and far from bulletproof, but I’m in the game.  If I’m to stay in the game, I need to be sure I’m more cognizant of the rules.   It’s all about resilience. Positioning oneself to be able to resiliently face the challenges in front of us is the key.

Doing the work – no matter how slow the results – to position yourself to best withstand whatever form the Reaper presents himself is your best bet for surviving and thriving despite the Reaper’s call, whether that’s wearing your seatbelt, or maintaining heart health and a generally healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes that means a strategic retreat.  Something that’s easier to acknowledge later in the battle than sooner.  In June when I hadn’t  accomplished anything that was hard to hear.  In December, it’s easier.  I’ve done the work, and now I have the perspective.  I’m glad – eternally grateful – that I realized that in the middle of my life, and not in the December.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 30

Day 30. A song that reminds you of yourself.

I’ve struggled with this one. The culmination of a month’s worth of music should be something meaningful, especially when describing oneself, no? I mean, over the previous 29 days there have been several hundred songs referenced. ONE has to stand out somehow as being mindful of oneself.

I don’t know that this song does fully remind me of…me, but it does a good job. I don’t want to be an American Idiot.

This song stands for so much of how I feel about America today, and so I think it’s worth my day 30 pick.

I want to thank everyone who has participated in this little exercise. It’s been so fun learning about your musical taste and learning from your participation. It’s been a very fun month.

Wisdom of Crowds Picks:

Piano Man Billy Joel

Just the Way You Are Billy Joel

F**kin’ Perfect P!nk

Dancing With Myself Billy Idol

Try Colbie Caillat

Here I Go Again Whitesnake

‘Voodoo Child’ (Slight Return) Jimi Hendrix

You Don’t Own Me Leslie Gore

Beautiful  Christina Aguilera

Somebody To Love Kacey Musgraves

“Bad Girls”  MIA

For Your Precious Love Michael McDonald

Ballerina Girl Lionel Richie

Idiots Rule Jane’s Addiction

Under the sun Black Sabbath

All On Me Devin Dawson

That I Would Be Good  Alanis Morissette




30 Day Music Challenge: Day 29

A song that you remember from your childhood.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with this, but I sat and thought for a couple of minutes and it was right there. Plain as day.

This isn’t contemporaneous with my childhood, it was an oldie even then, but it was a song my parents enjoyed so I remember hearing it not infrequently.

It’s a silly song, but it’s fun.

Wisdom of Crowds Picks:

Jelly Man Kelly James Taylor

Stuck In The Middle With You Stealers Wheel

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Wham!

One Billion Is Big The Fat Boys

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

Dominique  The Singing Nun

The Candy Man  Sammy Davis, Jr.

Don’t Stop Believin’ Journey

Eruption/You Really Got Me Van Halen

Puff the Magic Dragon” Peter, Paul & Mary


Happy & You Know It

I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles

RINGO Lorne Greene

Summer Wine Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood

Courtship of Eddie’s Father theme song

Surfin’ Safari  The Beach Boys



30 Day Music Challenge: Day 28

A song by an artist with a voice you love.

There are a few I love for different reasons. I think Paul Stanley has one of the more unique sounds out there, especially with Kiss’ mid 1980’s stuff.

Ozzy’s earlier stuff into the 1990’s is similarly unique.

I love the stuff my daughter has recorded, although it would be patronizing for me to choose that – I assure you that if I didn’t think it would be over the top, I would go there.

There’s Colbie Caillat whose voice is just like butter. But none of these folks are my pick on this 28th day of the challenge.

This one is probably going to come out of the woodwork though, you’re probably not going to see it coming. I can’t point to a given song by this person that I love, nor have I ever considered myself a fan, but the voice. Simply amazing. So much power and control.

Wisdom of Crowds Picks:

You Raise Me Up” Josh Groban

Sweet Surrender” Sarah McLaughlin

Angel” Sarah McLaughlin

Suedehead” Morrissey

Patience” Guns N Roses

Magic man” Heart

Alone” Heart

“Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man” Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks

Hunger Strike” Temple of the Dog

“Road Trippin” Ashlee Keating
”I Finally Found Someone” Bryan Adams & Barbra Streisand
Voices” Cheap Trick
Evergreen” Barbra Streisand
Stay A Little Longer” Brothers Osborne
Runaway” Bonnie Raitt
Mercedes Benz” Janis Joplin

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 27

A song that breaks your heart.

Schmaltz. Pure, unadulterated schmaltz. If I had to choose 3 words to describe my pick, they would be the words. I really don’t know how else to categorize it.

On Day 10, I went with Gary Jules’ version of “Mad World” as a song that makes me sad. This one doesn’t make me sad, per se, and “Mad World” doesn’t break my heart, so this is in an interesting place.

With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, you’d think I’d choose “Candle In The Wind,” but that doesn’t break my heart. It doesn’t even make me sad. I always felt manipulated by EJ trotting that song out for Diana – but then again, I’m not British, so I suppose it’s not meant for me anyway.
But back to my choice. Why this song? Well, as ridiculous as it sounds, at various inflection points in my life it’s come out from under its rock, played itself in the background of the soundtrack of my life and burrowed its way into my ear, quietly speaking to me.

So, don’t judge. Or if you do judge, you had best put up your own song.

Wisdom of Crowds Picks:

Time To Say Goodbye” Andrea Botcelli & Sarah Brightman

Tears In Heaven” Eric Clapton

Wildfire” Michael Martin Murphy

One” Faith Hill

One” Three Dog Night

“Only The Lonely” Roy Orbison

Everybody Hurts” REM

The Drugs Don’t Work” The Verve

 AVE MARIA” Andrea Bocelli

One” Metallica

Turn! Turn! Turn!” The Byrds

He Stopped Loving Her Today” George Jones

Lips of An Angel” Hinder

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 26

A song that makes you want to fall in love.

This is a thing? A song…that makes you want to fall in love? A song does that? What does that even mean? “Goodness, this song is so mushy, it makes me want to fall in love so I can better enjoy it!”

I think I’d prefer to choose a song about being in love.

I remember being a small child in the back seat of my parents’ car with this coming over the old crackly AM radio when AM radio is where you would hear the contemporary hits of the day.

Especially pertinent as it references this past weekend.

Wisdom of Crowds Picks:

Unity” Shinedown

Fortress Around Your Heart” Sting

Welcome To The Jungle” Guns N Roses

My baby you” Marc Anthony

Like I’m Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend” Meghan Trainor

A Song For You” The Carpenters

Harvest Moon” Neil Young

Could It Be Magic” Barry Manilow

High On You” Survivor

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying ” Gerry & The Pacemakers

You’re in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)” Rod Stewart

Truly Madly Deeply” Savage Garden

Sweet Surrender” Sarah McLaughlin