2017 Goals: Review

Here is how I plan to get better:

  1. 1000 Miles (20 Miles/week):
    As of 1/2/17 – Week 1:18.1/1000

I nailed this.  I couldn’t run for 6 weeks and I still got this done before October ended.

2.  #Kill22 Challenge: Add a push up a day to the challenge.

  1. Day 2: Check

Yeah, this one fizzled out quickly.  I wish I had looked at this list more often, I would have realized I had blown it.

3.    2 Rounds (4 months) of Beachbody “Insanity”

I knew I was blowing this one.  In my defense I have been going to a fitness bootcamp regularly, but it’s no where near this level of workout.  Time to amp it up

4.  Spartan Trifecta

  1. Scheduled
  2. Additional Sprint Scheduled (x2 Trifecta?)

My injury in June kept me from running a bunch of races I really wanted to do, and specifically at least one Spartan Sprint.  I did complete the trifecta, but with the Fenway Stadium Sprint (2.2 miles), so it feels a bit hollow.  I am registered for 2/3 of the trifecta in 2018 with a trifecta pass in my hand so x2 Trifecta seems doable.

5.  2 Half Marathons – one of which will be less than 2 hours

Did 3 halfs, 2 in less than 2 hours and the third was a trail race so not really the same thing.

6. I will attempt at least 5 things that I’m not convinced I can complete

  1. To succeed, you cannot fear failure.
  2. Fear is a liar, desperate to convince you that you cannot succeed.

Completed.  3-2 on the Failure Opportunities. Sine metu ad metam


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